RECON Native Plants grows hardy, healthy plants that stand up to the toughest growing conditions. Naturally beautiful in native gardens and landscapes, they are also a smart choice where water conservation is desired. Our unique growing process ensures our plants will survive and thrive. That means less replanting and significant cost savings to you and your clients.

Service Offerings

RECON Native Plants offers a wide range of products and services tailored to satisfy all your project needs. Our specialists are here to help you plan an attractive, successful native plant landscape.

Large On-hand Inventory

We stock hundreds of species native to the western U.S., in a variety of container sizes. View our current Plant Availability List to see what's in stock.

Special Order Contract Growing

We offer contract growing services for small and large projects. We can use seed from our inventory or collect site-specific seed and grow it to meet your project specifications.

Landscape Design and Consulting

Should your landscaping project need professional design or evaluation, we offer design and consulting services to help you plan a successful native plant landscape. Read more about our Landscape Design and consulting services.