With RECON Native Plants you can be confident you are planting the most genetically appropriate and ecologically viable plant material for your habitat restoration project.

Our Unique Restoration Quality Protocol
Restoration Quality means less replanting, earlier agency sign-off on your project, and significant cost savings to you and your clients.

To earn the Restoration Quality designation, we:

  • Use only local source-identified seed to ensure the genetic integrity and variability of each species
  • Use only native soil for better water retention, adaptability, and survivability than conventional nursery mix
  • Add to our soils the native mycorrhizal component called for in many restoration plans
  • Grow in full sun
  • Fertilize only in rare cases—native soils already contain essential nutrients
  •  Use pesticides only if the life of the crop is at risk
  •  Subject our plants to controlled-drought situations in the nursery

Restoration Quality plants have the best chance of survival when facing poor soils, strong winds, over- or underwatering, insect damage, herbivory, and other environmental stresses. Our tough-love approach produces a healthy, insect- and disease-free plant that will stand up to the rigors of its new environment.


Large On-Hand Inventory

We maintain a large in-stock supply of source-identified species native to the western U.S. in a variety of container sizes. View our current Plant Availability List to see what's in stock.

Contract Growing

For any size project. We can use existing source-identified seed in inventory or collect new site-specific seed and grow it your specifications. All plants are labeled and segregated by seed collection region to maintain genetic integrity.

Custom Seed Collection

Our seed collection specialists have years of experience in the ecological harvesting of native seed. All seeds are source-identified by region, collection site, species name, client name, and date collected.

Seed Storage and Management

Seeds are stored in cool, dry conditions inside our concrete facility. Seeds are maintained by our full-time staff using a variety of proven methods researched and developed at RECON Native Plants.

Seed Bulking

If a project calls for quantities of seed unobtainable in the wild or if it is not desirable to impact the habitat to collect the seed, RECON Native Plants can grow plants for seed production. At optimum maturity, we collect, clean, and package the seed per your request.

On-Site Consulting and Guest Nurseries

Should your restoration project need professional evaluation, we offer on-site consulting services and remote guest nursery setup and operation.